We set up this website in 2010 to act as an easier to use substitute for a Christmas ‘news letter’. They’re always so difficult to write, and they can have stuff about people you don’t really know, so we decided to make a family website so people could just click on those one or two things that interested them, and ignore the rest.

With increasing memory failings we have also found that it serves the additional purpose of reminding us what we have been doing for the last few years. Very useful as those neurones start to give up the ghost!

If you click here, or on the ‘2017’ link above, or on any of the pictures, you can see what we have been up to in 2017,

All the best - keep in touch.


Mike and Kate


Family ‘Christmas Newsletter’

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This is a website for the Boursnells of Cambridge.  Follow the links for anything that interests you.

Click on any photos you like the look of...

and stay in touch.