gigs 2016


In February we saw McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle at the Junction.  Mike McGoldrick is a magnificent player!  Then we saw John McCusker again (with friends).

In May we saw Chris Wood - at his best, playing tracks from his new album ‘So Much To Defend’.

In June John took Mike to see Bruce Springsteen for a late birthday present. Wonderful!  We also saw Simpson, Cutting & Kerr in St Neots, and Pete Coe at the Cambridge Folk Club. Wonderful - took us back to a proper folk evening.

In July we went to the one day Folk By The Oak festival with our friend Martin Leach.  Emily Portman, False Lights (Folk Rock!), The Sweet Liberties Band, Cara Dillon - but the highlight (sorry to all you other acts) was hearing Andy Irvine singing the Blacksmith as part of Cara Dillon’s set.

In September we saw Leveret at King’s Place (no pictures), and also went up to stay with David & Shirley in Sheffield where we saw Nancy Kerr launching her new album ‘Instar’.

In October we saw the marvellous Furrow Collective, one of the many bands graced by the wonderful Lucy Farrell.

During two weeks in November we saw Steve Reich, Jon Boden, Schubert’s unfinished and Jim Moray.  Not bad.

Finally in December we saw Gabriela Montero playing Mozart at the Corn Exchange and doing one of her famous improvisations at the end.

A good year for concerts indeed! And lots more already lined up for 2017.


Gigs and concerts

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