It’s been a strange year, and in many ways sad and worrying.  We lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Alan Rickman, and the UK voted to leave the EU. Not to mention events in the USA.  But we keep on keeping on....

In April we stayed at Longthwaite in the Lake District celebrating Kate’s brother Pete’s 60th birthday.  From there we moved on to Sue and Andy’s house in Broughton in Furness, and had a few days walking around there.

In May we had a fairly epic journey round Scotland - partly to retrace the steps of an expedition Kate and Sue had made to Skye, Lewis and Harris in 1973. We ended up with John and Holly in Glasgow where Mike and John went to see Bruce Springsteen at Hampden Park.

In July we stayed with our friends Phil and Katie in Poole, and then rented a cottage in the Isle Of Wight (Mike being 64). Very 1950s...

Early in September Kate, her mum and brother scattered her father’s ashes. Kate and her brother also went to visit an old friend of her dad’s, who had a collection of his letters, including several sketches from his time as a soldier in the War. Later in the month we visited our friend Pam, and David (Mike’s brother) and Shirley in Sheffield with outings to Chatsworth and the Rivelin valley, and a Nancy Kerr gig.

In October we were lucky enough to be able to stay in the house of some friends of ours in the south of France, near Carcassonne. Dramatic weather - mostly sunshine, but 200mm of torrential rain in two days!

In November we celebrated Bonfire Night with Dave, Clare and Kathy - a torchlit parade no less! We felt very much like a rebellious mob!

As usual we managed to get to some wonderful concerts. The picture of Andy Irvine here celebrates his unforgettable performance of ‘The Blacksmith’ at the Folk By The Oak festival.

Hope to see more of you all in 2017. Keep in touch! Click here to contact us.


Our year 2016

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